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HELLO BABY Newborn Masterclass



**Classes are best suited to those around 28 weeks onwards (third trimester) to ensure information is fresh before baby arrives! However you may attend earlier than that if you wish.

A comprehensive resource booklet and practical activities are provided to prepare you for your new babe.



-Sleeping/ settling/ wrapping

-SIDS safety

-Nappy changing

-Bathing, eye care, cord care

-Normal newborn behaviour

-Feeding (BF and bottle) -Dummy use

-How to know if your baby is getting enough milk

-Thermometer use

-Carseat safety

-Recovery from birth

-Planning your postpartum

-Community supports

-Plus plenty of hands on practice & time to chat!

Home classes available!

Option one: In your home. Private 1-1 class. $250
Option two: In your home. Includes two pregnant couples- share the cost with your bestie! $300

**Group classes temporarily on hold

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