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Every parent has the right to high quality, evidence-based, positive childbirth education.


Women emerge as strong, empowered and confident mothers when they feel they have had a positive birth experience (however their baby was born). This helps to create and lay down the path for strong physical, emotional, and spiritual connections within the family unit.


When birth is viewed in a positive and curious way, it can be embraced and celebrated. The only way to change the ‘fear culture’ around birth is with education.

Positive birth education!


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About Felicity



My Birth Geelong was established by Felicity Donaghy

from a desire to provide high quality, evidence-based childbirth education, and choice to the women and families of Geelong.


As a Registered Nurse/ Registered Midwife with a passion for education, she recognised the increasing demand for independent childbirth education, with a focus on keeping birth normal.

Felicity works clinically in the hospital setting, so has first hand knowledge of birth and maternity care in this region. She has a great respect for all birth workers in this area, and fully supports a woman's right to choose her preferred caregiver during pregnancy, labour & birth, and the early post-partum period.

Felicity has four children, with each birth being a very positive experience. It wasn't until she was pregnant with her youngest child that she found Hypnobirthing, and that birth experience could be described as enjoyable, empowering, and transformational!


It is her wish that the women of Geelong have access to the highest quality childbirth education programs, which is why she established My Birth Geelong.



+ Bachelor of Nursing (with Distinction)

+ Bachelor of Midwifery (with Distinction)

+ Postgraduate qualification- Prescribing For Midwives (currently undertaking)

with a view to become an endorsed midwife by the end of 2022

Classes are always relaxed and fun- come and join us!

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